How To Buy



Create a Wallet

Download the Metamask Wallet and follow the steps to make your wallet. Always remember to keep the 12-word seed phrase a secret! Do not share it with anyone ever! We will never ask you for your seed phrase, ever!


Connect your Wallet

Type in your web browser and connect your metamask wallet.


Find the Contact

In the swap menu, select BNB as your input currency and the paste the address provided below as your output currency :
Contract Copied to Clipboard!



Click "I understand" on the warnig prompt ( This is due to CHS being a newly released project), select the amount of BNB you wish to trade for CHS and that's it ! You are ready!! 🚀
The Capital Holders is a digital Token based on the binance smart chain network. Created by a group of people with the vision to make a big community whose purpose is to strengthen the currency as holders increase. The CHS is eco friendly because it doesn't use any form of energy and will reward the holders with referrals.
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